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I have to copy some external files from my pc to my AVD. It seems that's possible, specifically through the ADB using this command: > adb push "C:/_tmp_filestocopy" "/sdcard", and it's copying right now, but at a rather slow speed, and when I say rather slow, I mean extremely slow. For example, a 50MB file cost me slightly less than 20 minutes. My question, therefore, is: is any faster method available to transfer files from PC to AVD? I've read somewhere that you can mount the sdcard.img from the AVD in Linux. Unfortunately, I'm running Windows. Perhaps I can try VirtualBox or VMWare now or then. Also, I've seen Quick ADB Pusher, but I suspect it just uses the ADB commandline, but with a GUI. Is it actually quicker, or is it just commandline behind a GUI?

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You can try the following:

1) Create an sdcard image file when setting up the android emulator. Make sure the file is big enough to store all the data you want the emulator to access.

2) Mount the sdcard image file on Windows ( just like you would mount a ISO image ). Check this link http://heatware.net/windows-xp/how-to-mount-an-isobinuifimg-image-in-windows/

3) After doing this, you should have some sort of external or virtual disk accessible from your file browser.

4) Copy all your stuff to the virtual image.

5) Unmount the image from the system.

6) Fire up the emulator. It should see all the data on the sdcard.

On GNU/Linux would be much easier, since you can mount/unmount the img with one command.

Good luck!

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