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I'm having som REAL problems with my Wordpress installation.

I'm having 4 menus (under Appearence->Menus). One is called Mainmenu. Suddenly when i was about to add a page to this menu, it was not there! But it's showing in the real page. And if i try to create it it says something about "Conflict with another menu" or something like that, so it does exsist but i can't see it.

Maybe i should add that i'm using WPML and translating menus.

Why can't i see this menu?!

Edit: Something was fishy with WPML i guess. I removed the old translated menu and created a new, and now it works again. If someone know about this trouble and why it occurs, please tell. I guess there's a chance this will happen in the future again so it would be great to find a solution.

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