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string confirm = "";

                    while (confirm != "y" || confirm != "n")
                        Console.Write("Remove {0}' account? (Y/N): ", Accounts[accountNumber].Name);
                        confirm = Console.ReadLine();
                        confirm = confirm.ToLower();

For some unknown reason my loop fails on the check. Even if confirm IS either "n" or "y" it will still loop round again. I have even checked it is definitely matched to either "n" or "y" by using a break-point. So why is this failing the check each time?

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Do you mean that it is always in the loop, or that it is never in it? – Coffee on Mars Nov 16 '12 at 13:59
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Because your string cant be both y and n. Replace the || with &&:

while (confirm != "y" && confirm != "n")
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while (confirm != "y" || confirm != "n")

You will loop whilst your string is either NOT y, or NOT n. If it's n, then it's NOT y, and vice versa. You can't satisfy both conditions at the same time!

You need

 while (confirm != "y" && confirm != "n")

which will be satisfied if your string is something other than y or n.

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Wow what a stupid mistake to make lol, thanks – DrOstler Nov 16 '12 at 14:16

It's a wrong logic: if for example confirm is "y", it's not equal "n", so it will enter anyway in your loop.

Do this:

while (!(confirm == "y" || confirm =="n")){
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Your logic is wrong.

For me ir helps if you think in binary.

0 OR 0 is the only false one while 0 OR 1, 1 OR 1, 1 OR 0 are all true. 0 OR 0 means that your or answer has to be y and n, which is impossible.

What you need is to use the AND operator (&&) or use equality instead of negation.

while (confirm != "y" && confirm != "n")

this only loops as long as there an answer that is neither y nor n.


while (confirm == "y" || confirm == "n")

this only loops if the answer is either y or n.

Hint: Google morgan laws!

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