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I have an opensource project hosted on the GitHub. After each release of my damn project I want to write out new features and bug fixes list to some file like History.md. It will look like:

=== Version 0.0.1 2012-12-21

Version with a new awesome bugs has been released

* [added] New feature
* [fixed] Some bug fixed

But I hesitate. May be I wrong? I don't know, so I ask. Is there are any guidlines/rules/suggestions/good expirience/anything else about how to format history changes? Or maybe change list should not be a single file?

Or more generally: what is the best way to track version changes (in a human readable format, of course) for Github (or any others hostings) projects and incapsulete it into the project itself in more pleasant way?

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Github has issues with milestones.

If you link releases with milestones, all changes with tickets, then: all closed tickets in milestone will form human-readable changelog

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