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Am using the following TS to customize my title tag to append the website name to the page title.

(Page title - Site Name).

config.noPageTitle = 2
page.headerData.5 = TEXT
page.headerData.5.field = subtitle // title
page.headerData.5.wrap = <title>| - Site Name</title>

My issue is that I do not want it to appear on the Homepage since the page title there is the same as my site name. (So it says Site Name - Site Name).

My homepage is the tree root, and all other pages are under it. I want to omit this condition only for Home page.

I am looking for such a condition,


How can I achieve this. Any ideas?

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Got the answer from the Typo3 Mailing list. Awesome support there.

In case anyone needs it, here it is.

[globalVar = TSFE:id = 10]
page.headerData.5.wrap = <title>|</title>
page.headerData.5.wrap = <title>| - Site Name</title>

Now just change 10 to your homepage ID

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