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I am using Ubuntu 12.04,Processing 2.06b,in Android mode, I can run code perfectly in java mode,but when running similar code in android mode,gives below error (at first time I give android sdk's path also)

Android SDK Tools Revision 20.0.3
Installed at /home/trendwise/android-sdk-linux
Project Type: Application

/home/trendwise/android-sdk-linux/tools/ant/build.xml:517: Unable to resolve project target 'android-10'

Total time: 2 seconds

what does this error mean?

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ultimately I solved this problem using lots of search on internet

This happens when u don't have requied android SDK -API * on your machine installed here * means API number. "Android 2.3.3(API 10)"

When you run project/script on device,project frist build using SDK & then runs on connected device.

to solve this..... download respective Android SDK API * & also Google API.

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Here it's explained better github.com/processing/processing-android/issues/47 –  juanmf May 31 at 0:48

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