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How can I get certain rows from a table in order? For Example I have the following rows:

EmpID   Name
81      Albert
22      Ashley
71      John
42      Jack
55      Bob

Primary Key is EmpID. I want to get only: John, Albert, Bob IN ORDER. Result should be:

71      John
81      Albert
55      Bob

How can I do that using MySQL query? Thanks heaps !

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Try this one, it use custom sort

WHERE EmpID IN (72,81,55)
ORDER BY FIELD(NAME, 'John', 'Albert', 'Bob')
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Works perfectly !! excellent. Thanks heaps ! – Albert Tobing Nov 16 '12 at 14:53

Put this at the end of your SQL statement:

    WHEN 71 THEN 1  
    WHEN 81 THEN 2  
    WHEN 55 THEN 3  
    ELSE 4
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