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I've installed susy and checked it is present, I can create a new project using susy from the command line, but when I try to do this with Scout I hit a problem. I add a config file which simply contains require 'susy' and put it in the Scout directory for the project and update the gui config to reference it. When I start up Scout for the project which tries to @import susy, I get

"LoadError on line 1038 of org/jruby/RubyKernel.java: no such file to load -- susy"

Wondered if anyone had susy running on Scout and if so, how they set it up?

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ScoutApp does not support custom libraries (gem). All gems are bundled with ScoutApp and cannot be changed through the UI neither through a configuration file (eg. compass.rb or config.rb).

Actually, ScoutApp only offers access to compass-960-plugin, yui-compass-plugin, compass-h5bp and zen-grids.

Source: Allow people to configure their own Rubygems.

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A very simple solution is to just pull down the Susy from Github - just the SCSS files. Put the susy directory in your project and import the main Susy file. Works with CodeKit (and even CodeKit Frameworks), so I think it should work just fine with Scout as well.

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