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I want to get the name of all active process on a Win2000 machine. I know that "tlist -s" is the command, but to use this, the "tlist.exe" has to be extracted from the Win2000 CD-ROM. I also know "tasklist" only works on XP or greater.

I am running my tests on VM Ware, and do not have a CD-ROM. Is there another way to programmatically get the task list on Win2000?

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In Java without calling a 3rd party application (like say PsList)? Not without JNI.

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Thanks for the reply. The more I looked online the more I was thinking there is no other way (except 3rd party). – Ken Aug 27 '09 at 16:59
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I ended up just using JNI to handle this case across all platforms that I needed. Refer to another post of mine (which was trying to use SWT to obtain this list, but it gives a good JNI downloadable example that is useful):

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