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Basically what I'm trying to do is as follows:

I have a software that generates and shows a pointcloud by analyzing Time-of-Flight data (Z-Data). This software has a GUI that delivers this pointcloud on a grid, and you can watch it and adjust the camera to change the perspective, or apply filtering to it and so on.

Since the Z-data was recorder through a stereoscopic system, I want to obtain a perspective transformation.

My idea was to simply change the position of the camera in the GUI and than add a button that sais (ex. New Perspective) that calls a function that would measure the distances from the existing pointcloud to the camera I'm viewing it from. Of course this would generate some occluded areas, but I want this to happen.

And now the main question is: How can I do that? Are there any functions in OpenGL that measure the distance from an object to a camera, or is it even possible to do something like his? Or has someone some other idea?

P.S. The software uses the qt sdk and opengl

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You say "you want to measure the distances from the pointcloud to the camera". That means, for each cloud point you have to calculate the distance between two points in 3D space which is sqrt(dx²+dy²+dz²)). But I guess that would be to easy - you want something different, but missed to give a precise description what you really want. – Doc Brown Nov 16 '12 at 13:39
No, I Think you are right, I just never thought of it in that way. So if I want my output to be in cartesian coordinates, I just have to generate a plane at the position of the camera and then measure my euclidian distance bewtween each of point in my cloud and the plane. Wright? (Just asking to be sure) – Vlad Lata Nov 16 '12 at 13:57
Is there a posibility to segment the plane in pixels, so that I can verify if 2 points of the cloud are one in front of the other? – Vlad Lata Nov 16 '12 at 14:01

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