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I don't have any Mac OSx or Linux machine, but I want to implement the functionality like opening an explorer from a selected file path.

for example

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen('explorer "E://temp//"')

the above code opens windows explorer for a specified path, how to do it for Mac or Linux ?

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different linux distros are going to have different GUI file managers –  Cameron Sparr Nov 16 '12 at 15:30
this is a duplicate question stackoverflow.com/questions/3520493/python-show-in-finder –  Matti Lyra Nov 16 '12 at 15:31
@MattiLyra -- Not quite. That was just looking for OS-X. This is more general –  mgilson Nov 16 '12 at 15:31
gnome-open path works if you're using the gnome desktop, but I don't know about other desktop environments... open path works on OS-X. –  mgilson Nov 16 '12 at 15:32
in the link by Matti: on Mac Ned Deily has specfied a variable file_to_show that probably locates file after opening the finder is it doable in windows, which until now i didnt thought of, I have to say thanks to Matti for sharing link... –  user1176501 Nov 16 '12 at 16:26

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It looks like you can use xdg-open on linux and open on OS-X.




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You can use the desktop package (in particular its open function) to take care of the OS-specific details. It should work on Linux, Windows and OS X.

If you want to do this on your own, instead, you can:

  • launch xdg-open on Linux;
  • launch open on OS X;
  • use os.startfile on Windows.
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