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typedef void (*work_func_t)(struct work_struct *work);

I found above typedef in Linux kernel source code, but I don't understand it. Can anyone give me some explaination? Thanks!


struct work_struct {
    atomic_long_t data;
#define WORK_STRUCT_PENDING 0       /* T if work item pending execution */
#define WORK_STRUCT_STATIC  1       /* static initializer (debugobjects) */
    struct list_head entry;
    work_func_t func;
    struct lockdep_map lockdep_map;

From the above code which follows the "typedef", I could understand it now. @piokuc is right, thanks!

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its function pointer syntax - google function pointers if you haven't come across them before –  mathematician1975 Nov 16 '12 at 15:44

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work_func_t is a type alias of a pointer to a function which accepts pointer to struct work_struct as it's only parameter and returns nothing (void).

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