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I want to update two fields in one sql query. How do I do that?

update tablename set field1= val1 where id=1

Now I want to update 2 fields as follows: How can I do that?

update tablename set field1 =val1 and set field2=val2 where id=1

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Did we help you? You should mark an answer as correct if we did. – Matthew Jones Aug 27 '09 at 16:31
thanks .It worked – user156073 Aug 28 '09 at 12:58

Your syntax is almost correct, but you can't use AND.

UPDATE tablename SET field1=var1, field2=var2 WHERE id=1
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Or to be safe, I like to write UPDATE statements like this:

    T.Field1 = Value1
    ,T.Field2 = Value2
FROM TableName AS T

This way you can be sure of what you'll be updating.

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UPDATE  TableName
SET     Field1=Value1
WHERE   id=id_value

Like the others, but this is how I like to indent and format it, on bigger complex queries, proper formating matters alot!

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You almost had it:

update tablename 
set field1=val1,
where id=1
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UPDATE tablename SET field1 = var1, field2 = var2 WHERE id = 1;


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