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Build systems like make use timestamp check if a dependency is changed during two build. Here are a few common issue I run into with timestamp

  • Open a file, make some change, but later, I decided it is not good. I revert the change, for example, git checkout -- file if I am using git for the project.
  • Open a file, I just accidentally hit keyboard shortcut for save of the editor

Either way, the file's timestamp is changed. If now I want to build the project, everything depending on that file need to be rebuilt. This often means the whole project.

Is there anyway around these issues? For example, a build system using a version control for checking file change, preferably git. Or any other solutions to the above issues are welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

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SCons uses checksums, not timestamps by default. However, checksumming requires reading all the contents of all the source files on disk, and that is much slower than simply reading directory entries, which is why most build systems use timestamps.

Software Build Systems gives a good overview of these issues.

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