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I have saved the image below using an embedded sRGB profile. Photoshop is set up with the proper color settings (RGB is sRGB IEc61966-2.1) and proof setup is "Internet Standard RGB (sRGB)". The image looks the same in Photoshop, Safari, and Firefox. But viewing it in Chrome 23 gives me a very dull image as if its not reading the embedded color profile.

Pages such as this suggest that Chrome is properly managing color profiles. So am I doing something wrong here? Is it possibly a bug in how Chrome is handling color profiles? I have seen Chrome do some weird stuff (color profiles being obeyed and ignored back and forth as I scroll) in previous versions.

Sample sRGB image

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Could you generalize that is a Google Chrome issue? Or maybe there are some settings? I say this because you said that in Safari it seems right, but Chrome and Safari are based in WebKit. One specific version or plugin? –  Memochipan Nov 16 '12 at 16:27

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You could try removing the colour profile, and then saving out the image again following the guidelines from this guy »

Unfortunately you might have to fiddle around with your image once the colour profile's been stripped out but at least then you'll have a clean slate.

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Use # color code. it works better than R,G,B and...

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