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This makes me wish I used Photoshop more than for the occasional crop.

How do you get the window that displays the dimensions of the area you just dragged with your mouse? CS5 (and before), had this status window appear by default but now is not so easily found. It seems they modified a lot of their default tool windows this time around.

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Nice trolling. At least write why you are downvoting. –  Angry Spartan Nov 28 '12 at 20:58
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Press F8 if you want the Info window to appear. It also contains the navigator and Histogram tabs.

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Info panel. Go to window menu and select info(shortcut f8)

Other way to know height and width of selected region is you need to select a part of image with slice tool(Shortcut K in CS5, Shit+C in CS6) and double click in the selection. A window should popup which shows you properties of the selected portion.

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Up in the menu -> IMAGE -> Image Size

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This is incorrect. I need the dimensions of the highlighted area when you drag your mouse a certain X,Y distance. It should show both the height and width as well as the coordinate distance dragged based on the original image you're using. –  Angry Spartan Nov 20 '12 at 14:32
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