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Here is what I have so far:

Get-Content $source1 |
Where-Object {-not(gwmi win32_process -ComputerName $_ -filter "name='Program.exe'")} |
Foreach-Object {Invoke-Command -ComputerName $_ -ScriptBlock {"C:\Program Files\Folder\Folder\Program.exe"}}

When I run this in ISE everything comes back as normal and says it has run correctly. However, when I look at my remote machine nothing has been executed. The Process Program.exe is not running and there for the exe should be launched. I am running this from a server to hit about 50 remote machines. Once it goes through all 50, I will loop it and have it do it again, then continue the process in an infinite loop.

What am I missing for the program to start remotely? By the way I am running this script on Server 2008 R2 and it is hitting Windows 7 machines.


I am wondering since I can see the process firing off, is this an issue with Windows 7? I know Microsoft changed things and a service cannot fire off an application in the User space. Do you think this would be part of the same problem?

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Try adding the call (&) operator to the ScriptBlock:

Get-Content $source1 |
Where-Object {-not(gwmi win32_process -ComputerName $_ -filter "name='Program.exe'")} |
Foreach-Object {Invoke-Command -ComputerName $_ -ScriptBlock {& "C:\Program Files\Folder\Folder\Program.exe"}}

Here's a good article on the various methods available to you:

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I read the link, thank you for that. I also tried what you suggested and added &. I can see it trying to launch now but then the process ends and it never launches. – CaptHowdy Nov 16 '12 at 21:04
"I can see it trying to launch" Can you describe what you're seeing? Do you see the .exe show up in the list of processes? – FilamentUnities Nov 19 '12 at 21:52

In your current syntax, the command your passing is just a string! This is what is happening on the remote end:

PS C:\> "C:\Program Files\Console2\Console.exe"
C:\Program Files\Console2\Console.exe

Powershell is echoing your string!

I am going to quote Oliver Lipkau as mentioned here: Source

If you need to start a process on a remote computer that keeps running after the script finished, use this function:

Function New-Process ([string]$computername, [string]$name) {   
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