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I have a Jenkins installation on a machine running Windows Server 2008. The Jenkins installation is secured using Jenkins own user database with matrix-based security authorization. Anonymous users don't have any access, except to register an account. I have set up an account and gave this account full access.

Now I'd like to trigger a build remotely from a different machine that hosts the repository. I believe this should be possible by accessing the following URL:


However, this does not seem to be working for me. When I access this site in a browser, Jenkins forwards to the login-page, and does not start the build.

What am I doing wrong? It seems to be an authentication problem, as I'm not logged in after opening the URL above. Furthermore, if I give anonymous users full access, the URL works.

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You haven't specified which version of Jenkins. The doco describes issues with versions of wget (if that is what your using). wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/… – Mark O'Connor Nov 17 '12 at 18:15
Thanks, I'm using Jenkins 1.490. I'm using a regular web browser (Chrome to be specific) to access the URL. I believe this is supposed to work. – goldfish Nov 19 '12 at 6:13

Try invoking the build from a command-line program like curl:

curl http://[userid]:[user_token]@localhost:8080/job/[project]/build?token=[proj_token]


curl --user [userid]:[user_token] http://localhost:8080/job/[project]/build?token=[proj_token]

I think your issue could be browser related, embedding credentials within the URL (Firefox pops up a warning in my case telling me I'm about to login to Jenkins)

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