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I tried to write a simple AOP program and I configure the xml file like below. But when I ran the program, the result seems not calling the advice but only execute non-advice part.

Here is the method class:

public class MessageWriterStdOut {
    public void writeMessage() {

This is the bean class:

public class MyBeanOfHelloWorld {
  private MessageWriterStdOut messageWriterStdOut;
    public void execute() {
    public void setMessageWriterStdOut(MessageWriterStdOut messageWriterStdOut) {
        this.messageWriterStdOut = messageWriterStdOut;

The advice class is like this:

public class MessageDecorator implements MethodInterceptor {
    public Object invoke(MethodInvocation invocation) throws Throwable {
        System.out.print("Hello ");
        Object retVal = invocation.proceed();
        return retVal;

The main method is :

public class HelloWorldAopExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        GenericXmlApplicationContext ctx = new GenericXmlApplicationContext();
        MyBeanOfHelloWorld myBeanOfHelloWorld = (MyBeanOfHelloWorld) ctx.getBean("myBeanOfHelloWorld");

and the xml configuration is :

        <aop:pointcut id="helloExecution"
            expression="execution(* com..playground..writeMessage*()) and args(invocation)" />
        <aop:aspect ref="advice">
            <aop:around pointcut-ref="helloExecution" method="invoke" />
    <bean id="advice" class="com..playground.aophelloworld.MessageDecorator" />
    <bean id="messageWriterStdOut"
        class="com..playground.aophelloworld.MessageWriterStdOut" />
    <bean id="myBeanOfHelloWorld" class="com..playground.aophelloworld.MyBeanOfHelloWorld">
        <property name="messageWriterStdOut" ref="messageWriterStdOut" />

But the result is still only "world", while the expected result is "hello world!"

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what args(invocation) is supposed to do? – Boris Treukhov Nov 16 '12 at 16:51
Because when I didn't add this args it always show error: "Pointcut is malformed: error at ::0 formal unbound in ". So I add this args which is the arg of the method in the advice class. (actually it doesn't need based on the tutorial..) – Qingshan Zhang Nov 16 '12 at 17:01

In the xml configuration, why some of your package paths are having two dots? For example:

<aop:pointcut id="helloExecution"
        expression="execution(* com..playground..writeMessage*()) and args(invocation)" />

should be:

<aop:pointcut id="helloExecution"
        expression="execution(* com.playground.writeMessage*()) and args(invocation)" />

and some other places:

<bean id="advice" class="com.playground.aophelloworld.MessageDecorator" />
<bean id="myBeanOfHelloWorld" class="com.playground.aophelloworld.MyBeanOfHelloWorld">
    <property name="messageWriterStdOut" ref="messageWriterStdOut" />

Updated: Can you try this:

<aop:pointcut id="helloExecution"
        expression="execution(* com..playground.MessageWriterStdOut.writeMessage(..))" />
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I delete some part of the class path because it's a lit bit long to show, so I use ".." here just for short. But here "playground..writeMessage*()" is because I saw it on tutorial setting like this and when I delete one of the dots it shows syntax error. – Qingshan Zhang Nov 16 '12 at 16:56
@Qingshng Zhang Can you try the pointcut in my updated post? – Don Nov 16 '12 at 17:11
Seems like if I delete "args(invocation)" it will always show error info like "Pointcut is malformed: error at ::0 formal unbound in". – Qingshan Zhang Nov 16 '12 at 17:22

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