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  1. In Jenkins, using source code management, git plugin cannot clone the remote repo. Input: git.cmd and

  2. In Jenkins, not using source code management, in Execute Windows Batch command, “gitex pull –fetch --quiet” failed to start git Extensions properly(“Unhandled exception occurred in GitExtensions.exe[3784]”).

  3. For git, in Window prompt or Gitbash run from the Start menu, “git fetch/pull” failed, permission denied. Environment: HOME path is correct(c:/users/username). keys are in the folder( %HOME%/.ssh and c:/git/.ssh); public keys are added to the assembla user account. Pageant is running with .ppk key added. If start git bash from GitExtensions, git pull/fetch works fine.

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Do you have any errors in your Settings page in GitExtension? It is very picky – Michael Nov 16 '12 at 18:03

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1 and 3 seem to be because Jenkins server can not authenticate via ssh to assembla. Make sure the server using jenkins uses a ssh key which can access your repository - either create a bot user in assembla and add him as member to space and upload ssh key from server to his profile or upload your private/public ssh key to jenkins server.

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