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Ok so I need to add a background color to the last row in the all the tables except the last table where I need to add a background color to the last three rows.

table tbody tr:last-child    
table:last-child tbody tr:nth-last-child(-n+3)

How do I make this work in IE7 and IE8?

Preferably a CSS-only solution. Will a solution like Modernizr solve this? I prefer not to travers the dom with jQuery and add custom classes/styles with my own script.

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Have you considered putting the last 3 rows in a <tfoot> element? – Shmiddty Nov 16 '12 at 17:19

short answer: no to a css-only solution;

modernizr isn't going to give the css engine in old ie any additional features. Your best bet is to either a) add classes to the rows you want styled differently or b) do it with javascript. If you are generating the tables dynamically (with php, for example) then adding classes there is easier.

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CSS-only solution not possible, you are dealing with browsers that are way too old. On the upside, you don't need your own script as Selectivzr does just this, or alternatively the all-in-one solution that is IE9.js (fixes a ton of other IE bugs, not just add new selectors).

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