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I have my soft.c and I compile it successfully and link it against /usr/lib/

Everything it's ok except for the fact that it's not what I'm looking for, i would like to manage the final path considered for the linking, in other words i want GCC to consider the library /usr/lib/ but I also want the final linking to be a relative path, kinda like ../

The usual scenario is

./soft linked to -> /usr/lib/

I want

./soft linked to -> ../

Obiviously I also need GCC to manage any cross referenced library, for example if /usr/lib/ is linked to other libs i want all the libraries involved to be relocated in the relative path so ../ can fully work from a relative path .

How to achieve that ?


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You could include run-time search path information in the binaries, using the -rpath option to the linker (passed to gcc as -Wl,-rpath,.

Note that this is generally frowned upon by distribution maintainers, as there should be a single system-wide library search path so conflicts are caught early.

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close to the solution but it's not really what i want. this adds 1 more search dir to the linker, I want my executable linked only to my relative, without including any other option, i prefer to miss a library from the relative path rather than having a pool of directories where my executable can be linked to and not knowing for sure what library will be used. With -rpath the system wide libs are still in use. – user1802174 Nov 16 '12 at 17:53

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