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I have a SOAP server API for some of our services and one of the clients said that they won't integrate with services not offering at least WS-I Basic Profile compliance binding.

So, the question is does any version of Delphi support Document/literal or RPC/literal binding?

Edit: Looks like RemObjects support Document/literal or RPC/literal.

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see this question:…... Although not exactly the same question, the answer still applies AFAIK. – François Nov 16 '12 at 18:51
it would be interesting to know if the Free Pascal Web Service Toolkit (which also works with Delphi) has this feature – mjn Nov 16 '12 at 19:06
I'm a customer of the RemObjects products using Regular Win32 Delphi (not .net/prism) and I can confirm that you can write SOAP servers using it that support more features than the built in SOAP RTL supports. I have not tried RPC/Literal or Document/literal though, so I can't talk about that. I can point you to the place you could ask that and get an answer though: – Warren P Nov 16 '12 at 20:09
@François this question is more about WS-I Basic support, the doc/literal or rpc/literal is a minor part of the problem – mjn Nov 19 '12 at 12:13

I recently dove into the Delphi code because I could not consume the MS Exchange Server WDSL (which seems to be SOAP 1.1 "document/literal wrapped").
I'm not an expert in this, but I came across this code in the Delphi XE2 unit Soap.OPToSOAPDomConv which does not look correct to me:

if not IsRPC then
  if IsBareLiteral then
    // IsWrappedLiteral !


function TSOAPDomConvHelper.IsRPC: Boolean;
  Result := not (soDocument in Options);

function TSOAPDomConvHelper.IsBareLiteral: Boolean;
  Result := Options * [soDocument, soLiteralParams] = [soDocument, soLiteralParams];

function TSOAPDomConvHelper.IsWrappedLiteral: Boolean;
  Result := Options * [soDocument, soLiteralParams] = [soDocument];

Although your question is about WSDL generation (not about its consumption), the above suggests to me that "document/literal wrapped" is not properly supported.


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From MSDN (April 2003):

WS-I Basic Profile and RPC/literal

Unfortunately, the WS-I Basic Profile explicitly permits the use of both document/literal and RPC/literal. Given the above analysis, I believe having two message formats is unnecessary and ultimately does not help interoperability. Hopefully, most if not all Web service developers will ignore RPC/literal and provide the necessary feedback to WS-I to fix this in a future version of the Basic Profile.

So I would suggest to ignore RPC/literal completely.

Also points to different versions of WS-I Basic - 1.2 (finalized in November 2010) and 2.0 (published in November 2010) seem to be the latest versions. I would check which version level is expected from your communication partner.


Move the web service from Delphi to a WS-I compliant framework, with Delphi still providing the logic but talking internally over IPC with the new framework.

The majority of the compliant frameworks listed in the Wikipedia article are open source, have good documentation and a huge installed user base, so they are production-ready and stable.

In the long run, using a compliant framework will cause less hazzle and workarounds, and also allow to support the other WS-I standard with little additional work.

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