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I'm currently trying out the Azure TableStorage and have a question regarding BlockBlobs: Can I download specific BlobBlocks by their BlockID using REST (and how)?

I thought it could be something like: http://storagename.blob.core.windows.net/test/hello.zip?&blockid=001 , but this returns the whole file.

Thanks in advance

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I doubt this is possible, I could be wrong but the file only becomes an entity to be downloaded once you call putBlockList on the list of blocks to form a single entity. –  f0x Nov 16 '12 at 18:21

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Currently it is not possible today but it sure is a good request.

You could do the following as an alternative:

  1. Get the blocklist first
  2. Calculate the offset (using the length associated with each block)
  3. Issue a Range Get request for that offset/length
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You have to download Blocks by byte range. Range option must be set within HTTP Header (not in url query string).


GET /test/hello.zip HTTP/1.1
Range: bytes=0-102399
Host: storagename.blob.core.windows.net


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