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I want to use nodejs version 0.6 or above in cloud foundry . currently my app uses v0.4.12. I tried below manifest.yaml but No luck. what should i do next? any help would be appreciated


    name: shanbhag
      name: node06
        mem: 64M
        description: Node.js Application
    url: ${name}.${target-base}
    runtime: node06
    mem: 64M
    instances: 1
        type: mongodb
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When you deploy the app, specify the runtime version like so;

vmc push myapp --runtime=node06

or for node.js 0.8

vmc push myapp --runtime=node08
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Do you have a package.json file? If so, update the engines section:

"engines": {
    "node": "0.8.x"

Also, the Cloud Foundry documentation at has some information on this subject. You might need to run some of the commands that they mention.

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Thanks Hector. link helped me. I deleted my app and ran push command. worked successfully. I have marked another as answer as i feel that correct command which would help anyone else in future. Thanks again – Uday Nov 16 '12 at 18:53

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