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I'd like to add ~/.gitconfig to my dotfiles repository on github so that I can share it between different machines that I use. But one of the settings is for github, as follows:

    user = jononomo
    token = 3517aa3a6f1cda2f07bf6e73f30248d3
    email = me@myemailaddress.com

Is it important for me to keep this token secret, and therefore not commit my ~/.gitconfig file if it contains the token?

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Yes. It's really important to keep this token secret. You shouldn't commit this file on a public repository.

You shouldn't even paste your real token here at stackoverflow.

Maybe someone can access some private data with this information. The Token Authentication Post at GitHub Blog says:

Simply pass login and token to any URL which requires authentication.

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Thanks. But why is this token so important? Don't I need my secret password to do anything with github anyway? –  Jon Crowell Nov 16 '12 at 18:24
Maybe someone can access some private data with this information. –  nano.galvao Nov 16 '12 at 18:40
@JonCrowell if someone has access to your token, they can access all your private repositories and more. –  Benjamin Jan 7 at 22:03

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