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Have been struggling with a test case where a service is dependent on having a session scoped bean being in the session fails;

The class producing @SessionScoped User:

public class LoginService {

private User user;

public void login(String name) {
    if ("userA".equals(name)) {
        user = new User(name, "permissionA");
    } else if ("userB".equals(name)) {
        user = new User(name, "permissionB");
    } else {
        user = new User("anonymous", "");

public User getLoggedIn() {
    return this.user;

The service using the @LoggedIn User:

public class MediaService {
private User user; 

public void updateImage(){
        System.out.println("user can update image");
        System.out.println("user can not update image");

And the test:

public class ServiceTest {

    public static WebArchive deployment() {
        return ShrinkWrap
                .create(WebArchive.class, "test.war")
                .addAsWebInfResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml");

    private LoginService lservice;

    private MediaService mservice;

    public void testLogin() {

    public void testUpdateImage(){

Testing with the arquillian remote container, first test (testLogin) passes and the testUpdateImage fails with null User in session.

WELD-000052 Cannot return null from a non-dependent producer method:  [method] @Produces @LoggedIn @SessionScoped public org.arg.service.LoginService.getLoggedIn()


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