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I need some SQL help ..

Suppose I have 2 tables: Customers and Products.

Now, I want to see a SQL statement that will show me these two columns:

Customer  |   Number of orders placed

How do I do that ?

The second column is a non-existent column, which is showing a number which states how many orders that customer has placed.

For example:

Customer  | Number of orders placed
--------  | -----------------------
John      |              23
Jack      |               5
Mary      |              12

etc ..

What's the SQL for this kind of a select ?

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you probably need to have another table for starters. "orders" - the one that will link customers to products – be here now Nov 16 '12 at 18:50

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I guess that the Product table contains a foreign key CustomerID which references the Customer. The resulting query would be

select Customers.Name, Count(*)
from   Customers join Products 
       on Customers.CustomerID = Products.CustomerID

However, this is just a guess as you forgot to inform us about the relation between the two tables, i.e. how the Products know to which Customer they belong.

Also, but this is a bit picky, you want the number of orders but only have a 'Product' table...

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JOIN. This is just making up your column names since tables weren't given.

        myOrders = COUNT(
   FROM Customers c
   INNER JOIN Orders o
        ON = o.customerId
   GROUP BY c.Name

Some quick reading: JOINS. GROUP BY

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