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I'm trying to paint the musculature of the body on a 3D human model. There are lots of images online(in 2D) that show the muscles. I'm wondering if there's a program that exists so that I can "APPLY" or Project the 2D image to the 3D model in an interactive 3D environment, then let the software map the colors to the model's texture file using the model's UVs?

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Photoshop EXTENDED can do it! see the last few min of this tutorial:

basically, paste the texture you want into the 3D file in PS. then, position it over the model. FInally, merge down and the photo will be projected onto the model using UVs

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  1. The best texture painting software will be Mudbox. Here is how it's done

  2. Z-brush has more variety of tools in general but it's complex and not so beginner friendly.

  3. Sculptris is free and simple version of Z-brush.

  4. Photoshop EXTENDED is laggy and limited.

But best way to choose one will be evaluate all of them.

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I highly recommend you to look into Adobe After Effects and look at Video Copilot's Element 3D plugin. It allows you to add HD images to a model as the texture.

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