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I am trying to explicitly set the title of an element in my toctree. The documentation says it should be this

.. toctree::

    All about strings <string>

But it just prints the title of whats in the string.rst document, and not "All about strings"

anybody have an idea?

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According to Lukas Graf's answer, sphinx 1.1.2 has your exact problem. I tried it out with 1.1.3: no problems. (On python 2.7, osx).

I don't see anything specific in Sphinx' 1.1.3 changelog, though there is a mention of "restoring compatibility with docutils trunk". This suggests that another docutils version could help you. I'm using version 0.9.

So: sphinx 1.1.3 and docutils 0.9, could you try those versions?

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I can confirm this with Sphinx 1.1.2. This seems to be a bug, possibly a regression of issue #86. This issue was apparently fixed in 0.5.2, but seems to have found its way back in.

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