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I'm developing a multi-user version of the jQuery plugin fullcalendar. Each user has a unique color. You change user in a drop-down. So, I can assign a color for the users existing events.

The problem is when you render a new event, the color assigned to the 'eventColor' property of fullCalendar on initialize is not changed.

Let's say user 1 has, for example blue events. I initialize the fullCalendar with 'eventColor' blue. When and I change to user 2 who has yellow events, the rendered event still shows a blue event. I would like the event to be yellow from the moment I start dragging until i release the event.

I tried changing the event rendering color with $('.calendar').fullCalendar('option', 'eventColor', 'NEW_COLOR_HERE'); but that doesn't work.

Anyone found themselves in the same situation and came up with the solution? :)

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2 Answers

If you change the global color, try rerenderEvents.

But looks like you may want to just set the event color property of one event (say, from eventClick), then call updateEvent.

Does this help?

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Thanks for fast response! rerenderEvents won't work. The best would be if I could change the global eventColor when the user changes. Shouldn't this work with calendarObject.fullCalendar('option', 'eventColor', '#fefefe'); ? I figured out how to change the event color when you release a event and the renderEvent callback is fired. But while holding the mouse and dragging the event renders with the global color. –  Alexander Nov 16 '12 at 20:30
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function option(name, value) {

        if (value === undefined) {
           return options[name];
        if (name == 'height' || name == 'contentHeight' || name == 'aspectRatio') {
            options[name] = value;
       // So I added these lines to the plugin and voila, it works like charm!
       if(name == 'eventColor') {
           options[name] = value;

Call it in your script by

$('.calendar').fullCalendar('option', 'eventColor', '#NEW_COLOR_HERE');
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