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In official doc and forum could not find fresh info. Have anyone succeeded to install transmission on OpenELEC 2?

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There are 2 different transmission addons for XBMC:

  • The server add-on: you must install it in order to run transmission on your XBCM/OpenELEC machine.
  • The client add-on: is for downloading and managing torrents from the XBMC interface. You do not have to install it in order to be able to download torrents.

To get them on OpenELEC 3.0:

Server Add-on - System → Setting → Add-ons → Get Add-ons → All Add-ons → Services → transmission

Client Add-on - Programs → Get More → Transmission

Instead of using the client Add-on you can use the web-interface by browsing to http://[openelecIP]:9091 from any computer on the same network.

To find out the IP of your XBMC navigate to System → System Info → Network

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On OpenELEC 3.2, the server Add-On has been moved to a new Unofficial Add-on Repo (see http://openelec.tv/news/20-project/102-new-unofficial-addon-repo).

To get that add-on, it is thus necessary to:

1) Install the new repo (not included by default in OpenELEC) by downloading it here: http://unofficial.addon.pro

2) Follow the steps described by amirnissim remembering to look for the service in the unofficial repo.

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For Openelec 4.0, you don't need to download a zip file anymore.

  1. Enable Unofficial repo: settings -> Add-ons -> get Add-ons -> All Add-ons -> Add-on repository -> Unofficial OpenELEC ... (Just click on it, it will then be enabled)
  2. Enable Transmission Service: Settings -> Add-ons -> get Add-ons -> All Add-ons -> Services -> Transmission
  3. Install client: System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> All Add-ons -> Transmission
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What can one do when "clicking on it" does nothing at all? –  Jan May 14 at 18:31
I know it is a strange behavior, but I think something is activated in background when you have clicked on it. –  Snook May 15 at 10:14
Found it out: I had to go via add ons -> get add ons -> open elec repo -> unofficial repo to get it to install. –  Jan May 15 at 13:35
After I enabled the Unofficial repository, it was empty. I had to restart Openelec to find and install the add-on. –  Guilherme Garnier Jun 3 at 18:40

yes, I use transmission on my dedicated openelec box.

do not install from terminal. since openelec is embedded, transmission has to be compiled specifically for openelec.

if you install transmission through >>programs >> get more.. >> transmission you will just get the user interface,.. which you will still need the server installed

to install transmission server for openelec navigate to >> settings >> add-ons >> openelec mediacenter os add-ons >> services >> transmission

you can then configure the server and the client.

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