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I have a large 3 year old codeigniter application that I am trying to clean a lot of javascript/jQuery UI code into a cleaner system.

My app is used to make large specific reports and I end up doing lots of specific AJAX for form content before the report is made. Many of the forms/reports are getting to be major jQuery spaghetti with their events. I've been working to consolidate this code into a kind of jQuery framework and before I got too far I wanted to look at other options and check for anything that might make this process go faster, or be a better overall approach to the issue.

I have looked into a few frameworks myself but I was hoping to get advice/experience from anyone who has done this kind of integration for themselves.

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Backbone.js is pretty solid and easy to work with (although the "C" stands for collections in their case). If you're using coffescript, it's even better. Take a look at this article, too. –  Matthew Blancarte Nov 16 '12 at 19:45
Thanks! That article is amazing. I have been considering backbone but wanted more input. –  Haversack Nov 16 '12 at 19:54

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It sounds to me like KnockoutJS would be a perfect solution for your described task:


It aims to simplify Javascript UIs by applying the "Model-View-View Model" (MVVM) pattern, and is compatible with jQuery, jQuery UI, etc.

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I actually have done a small test with Knockout.js and it worked pretty well since it really just provides a good way to manage UI and I could keep the AJAX functions I already have in place. I checked out knockback.js(backbone and knockout) but I still dont quite get how they come together yet. Backbone seems like it could serve well but it may be a lot for the other developers to conform to. –  Haversack Nov 16 '12 at 19:59

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