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I would like to use both the InnoIDE and ISCC/ISPP, the difference being that I would like to pass in a parameter, which will override a #define in the script.

In the command line I can pass /Dmyarg=myvalue. That is the same as "#define myarg myvalue" in the script.

Sadly, the script takes precedence over the command line value. I know, as I tried. I can obviously comment out the #define in the script and the command line define will work, however then I will not be able to use the IDE to build.

Is it possible to set a #define inside InnoIDE somewhere for the project or is there some means to have the command line #define take precedence?

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What do you want to achieve with it? – jachguate Nov 16 '12 at 21:19
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In your script, do something like this:

#ifndef myarg
# define myarg "mydefault"

Now, if you compile in the IDE or if you use the command line without specifying /Dmyarg="something", then it will use the default specified in the script. Otherwise, if you do specify something on the command line then it will use that instead.

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I did not realize that the scripting language supports C-style preprocessor compiler definitions. Thanks! – Sarah Weinberger Nov 19 '12 at 15:52

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