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In Express 3, how do you handle closing database connections when the process exists?

The .on('close', ... event is not emitted unless you explicitly use a HTTP server's .close() call.

So far, this is the closest I've come, but it uses process.on instead of server.on:

process.on('SIGTERM', function () {
   // Close connections.
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Based on the info from:


var express = require('express');

var app = express();
var server = app.listen(1337);
var shutting_down = false;
var server = null;

app.use(function (req, resp, next) {
   return next();

 resp.setHeader('Connection', "close");
 resp.send(503, "Server is in the process of restarting");
 // Change the response to something your client is expecting:
 //   html, text, json, etc.

function cleanup () {
  shutting_down = true;
  server.close( function () {
    console.log( "Closed out remaining connections.");
    // Close db connections, other chores, etc.

  setTimeout( function () {
   console.error("Could not close connections in time, forcing shut down");
  }, 30*1000);


process.on('SIGINT', cleanup);
process.on('SIGTERM', cleanup);

The Connection: close header is used to tell any keep-alive connection to close the next time they send a HTTP request. More info here:

I have no idea if there are other ways of closing the keep-alive connection. The node process will hang unless the keep-alive connections are closed. The default idle timeout is 2 mins. More info. on node.js keep-alive timeouts (including on changing the timeout): How to set the HTTP Keep-Alive timeout in a nodejs server

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