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I am making this function call below to get the results based on the drop down selection made by the user and render the results within a Div tag. The problem is this works fine in Firefox and IE9 but does not show the results table in IE8. I am able to see the alert message with retrieved values in IE8 but the table shows empty. Any help is appreciated.

function retrieveExams() {
            { certificateType : $('#selectedApplicationType').val(),
                classTypeOne : $('#selectedApplicationClassTypeOne').val(),
                classTypeTwo : $('#selectedApplicationClassTypeTwo').val()},
            function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
                var html = $('#OpsCertExams').render(data);
                $('#examTable tr:odd').css('background-color','#BBBBAA');


//This is the table below embedded within a div tag to display the results. This table works fine and shows the results in Firefox and IE9.

<table id="examTable" style="width:100%"></table>

//This is the script which iterates and displays the results

<script id = "OpsCertExams" type="text/x-jsrender">
        <td style="width:20%;font-size:12px;text-align:center">{{:examDate}}</td>
        <td style="width:20%;font-size:12px;text-align:center">{{:examTime}}</td>
        <td style="width:20%;font-size:12px;text-align:center">{{:examLocation}}/td>
        <td style="width:20%;font-size:12px;text-align:center">{{:examType}}</td>
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I tried several options from solutions towards similar problems here and it does not seem to work in this siuation. Any suggestions/help.... – user1783074 Nov 19 '12 at 14:31

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