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Has anyone used a commandButton to toggle a rich:dataScroller on and off? Would I need to make a bean to keep track of if the rich:dataScroller is active or not and make the action of the commandButton to toggle the bean?

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What do you mean by on/off? Does it means show/hide? If so, you can do something like this. Assume that you have following table which has a datascroller and a commandButton below the table.

     <rich:dataTable var="_usr" value="#{myBean.users}" rows="5">
        <f:facet name="footer">
          <rich:datascroller id="myScroller" />
     <a4j:commandButton value="Show/Hide" onclick="toggleScroller(#{rich:element('myScroller')});"/>

The javascript function which shows/hides the datascroller is as below.

  function toggleScroller(scroller) {
      if( == 'none') {
 = ''
        } else {
   = 'none'

Or you can use the rendered property of the <rich:datascroller> to render it according to a bean property.

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