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I.e., my app sets some standard default values at the beginning. Then those values may get overridden by the user. And when the user messes things up, I want to set those settings back to my app default values. As I understand it, the app defaults are a different dictionary than the user defaults, and the user defaults just override those app defaults. But I haven't seen methods for deleting the user defaults. Any idea?

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Try removeObjectForKey -- that should give you the ability to remove a preference.

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Use this code

[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] removeObjectForKey:@"MyKey"];

dont forget to synchronize if you want to save immediately

[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] synchronize];

NSUserDefaults Class Reference

synchronize - This method is automatically invoked at periodic intervals, use this method only if you cannot wait for the automatic synchronization (for example, if your application is about to exit) or if you want to update the user defaults to what is on disk even though you have not made any changes.

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+1 for [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]synchronize ]; I usually forget to add this. –  Augustine Sep 20 '13 at 10:43
@Augustine :)thank u :) –  Rajneesh071 Sep 20 '13 at 12:06
if you wont synchronize, it will automatically synchronize it when you close your app. –  yucel bayram Nov 27 '13 at 15:47
@yucelbayram -> yup, but if you want to save immediately then you have to syn. –  Rajneesh071 Dec 12 '13 at 4:48
@Rajneesh071 yes that's true. –  yucel bayram Dec 13 '13 at 7:00
NSUserDefaults * removeUD = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
[removeUD removeObjectForKey:@"shoping"];
[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]synchronize ];
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