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I have a branch containing colon (':') in the name. How can I close it?

I can't fully update to it (the files in the directory do update after "hg up", though I get an error message "abort: ':' cannot be used in a name"; and "hg summary" shows the right revision number and tag, but the previous branch name). "hg ci --close-branch" exits with "abort: can only close branch heads".

I can recommit it this way changeset by changeset with a proper name and then prune the old one using clone or strip, but I wonder if there is another solution.

UPD I have used the workaround, but still want to know a straightforward solution, aslo someone else might find it helpful.

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Mercurial's documentation is a bit misleading on this point: Colons in branch names are accepted, but when you try to use the name, it is misinterpreted as a revision range. To prevent hg from parsing blah:blah as a range, you can write it as "branch('blah:blah')". For example:

hg log -r "branch('blah: blah')"

The above works on relatively recent versions of mercurial. It sounds like you have additional, version related problems, but give this a try.

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Your question is unclear, but I was able to create a named branch with a colon in the name, update to it by revision number instead of name, and close it:

C:\temp>hg branches
blah:blah                      2:32fbac773905
default                        1:f132a6d0ce30

C:\temp>hg glog --template "{rev} {branch} {desc}\r\n"
o  2 blah:blah file3
| @  1 default file2
o  0 default file1

C:\temp>hg update 2
1 files updated, 0 files merged, 1 files removed, 0 files unresolved

C:\temp>hg ci --close-branch -m closed

C:\temp>hg glog --template "{rev} {branch} {desc}\r\n"
@  3 blah:blah closed
o  2 blah:blah file3
| o  1 default file2
o  0 default file1
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I have a whitespace after the colon, if it might matter. I can not update by any means (tried id, branch name, revision number). In my case this branch was created with mercurial-1.8, right now I have 2.2 and can't reproduce neither your example, nor the original broblem becasue branch name with colon ":" is no more allowed (issue3125). – SD57 Nov 18 '12 at 21:30
I have 2.3.2 and was able to create the named branch "blah:blah" via hg branch blah:blah and committing, so maybe that is still a bug. I was not able to make a branch name with space after it: hg branch "blah: ". The space was stripped. You might be able to do a branch rename via the convert extension. – Mark Tolonen Nov 19 '12 at 1:03
@SD57: can you provide a link to issue3125 you are referencing? I'm seeing the same issue after updating to Mercurial 2.4 – dls Nov 19 '12 at 19:28
@dls What I found was link I now can't creat a branch with colon using mercurial-2.4 (gentoo), but did it with mercurial-1.8 (Fedora 14); I'm not sure whet the patch has been applied. – SD57 Nov 20 '12 at 19:01

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