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Can someone guide me towards some good opensource project management tools?

I need it for managing projects for a development team. All developers are c# developers.

What would be the best one to go for?

We're not familiar with php or any other language so we prefer something in .Net or some software that's more easy to use.


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Wikipedia has a good comparison chart...unfortunately, the .NET pickings are extremely slim:

Comparison of project management software

Looks like the most full-featured Open Source ones out there are Java based. It goes down from there. The only .NET Project Management software I've seen was SharpForge (which has since gotten sucked in to a commercial product).

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Project-Open sounds like a good choice :) – manishKungwani Jan 22 '12 at 14:49

Trac ( is one of most used, even if not written in .NET.

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Seriously. i love Redmine. It's a project management application written in Ruby. It's very easy to install through the installation package. I highly recommend it.

It works great on a windows platform.

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Similar question was asked on SO. You might find some good answers there.

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