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I have a Heroku scheduled job that is supposed to run every 10 minutres. It simply makes a HTTP GET request to a controller's action which does something.

desc "This task is called by the Heroku scheduler add-on"
task :send_notifications => :environment do

   response = HTTParty.get('http://sendnotificationapp.com/sms/send_notifications')


When I do a rake, the task operates and functions properly:

heroku rake send_notifications

Though when I use the Heroku scheduler GUI to set it to run every 10 minutes, it doesn't operate. Instead I get the following error:

Starting process with command `send_notifications` by scheduler@addons.heroku.com
Starting process with command `send_notifications`
bash: send_notifications: command not found
Process exited with status 127

Any thoughts?


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Sounds like you set up the Heroku scheduler job to be send_notifications, rather than rake send_notifications or bundle exec rake send_notifications.

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you're awesome. thanks! –  dougiebuckets Nov 16 '12 at 21:04

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