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I have been trying it for a while now, used the phpclasses pop3 class, but it fails when i send the login. (I am hosting on a rackspace virtual server).

$pop3 = new POP3(true,'/var/www/test.log', false);
        if ($pop3->connect($server->server)){
            if($pop3->login($server->username,$server->password, '1')){
                $status = $pop3->getOfficeStatus();
                error_log( $pop3->error );
            error_log( $pop3->error );

Here is some output:

19:02:20 -- Connecting to "pop.secureserver.net:110" !!!
19:02:20 -- +OK <9088.1353092519@p3plpop07-24.prod.phx3.secureserver.net>
19:02:20 -- USER bookings@hotelmontecampana.com
19:02:21 -- +OK 
19:02:21 -- PASS 2dc7f5af7d1b07ecbcc5f7b87c96424e
19:02:22 -- -ERR authorization failed  Check your server settings.
19:02:22 -- Connection Closed. 

Has anybody been able to RETRIEVE the emails stored at godaddy ?

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try it locally, if it works its some configuration at your rackspace hosting, if it doesnt, then it may be some configuration at your goaddy smtp server.

Also when working with emails, always check for open ports, email related ports are sometimes blocked to avoid spamming.

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Yea, i tried all that, i have no problems connecting to other mail systems at all, just godaddy seems to be a problem. –  Kees Hessels Nov 16 '12 at 21:25

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