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Manifest.MF issue with MSSQLSERVER 2008 and Groovy

I have a very simple groovy script with 2 database connections:

  1. One db connection to Oracle
  2. Another db connection to SQLServer


When I run the program through the GGTS Editor (The groovy and grails version of SpringSource Tool Suite), the two queries run and return results fine. But, when I run the program from the command line, from the project folder as follows:

groovy -cp lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar src\Starter.groovy

I get the following error:

C:\workspace-ggts\Test>groovy -cp lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar src\Star
org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
C:\workspace-ggts\Test\lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar: 1: unexpected char: 0x3 @ line 1, col
umn 3.
   PK♥ ßî∟9              ♦ META-INF/■╩  ♥     ☻       PK♥♦ ßî∟9            ¶   M
ETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF?æ┴N├0►D∩æ≥☼½₧α►7)R[rúΘÑá☻R½^æq6─òcç╡SΦ▀π4◄ →        ─╒3;π}╗µ

1 error

What I have Tried

  1. I have tried using the jtds driver to connect to SQLServer as I thought the problem was the sqljdbc4.jar from Microsoft site based on this same problem reported differently here

  2. I have tried putting semicolons to separate the classpath dependencies, and still same error.

  3. I have upgraded java version to 1.7. Groovy version is 2.0.5

  4. From the IDE it runs fine, but from command line I get the error.

  5. If I comment out one of the db access code (connection, query, println of resultset) leaving my groovy script with only one db connection & access the program runs fine from command line. For example:


groovy -cp lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar src\Starter.groovy

or this:

groovy -cp lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar src\Starter.groovy

does work. As soon as I add the code and the jar in the classpath for that second db access I get the error reported above.

I am out of thoughts or ideas

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Is not a duplicate the problem I'm having is the same but I am wording it differently. If you read this question you will see that I mentioned my other question. This is a valid question –  Viriato Nov 17 '12 at 22:43

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Files in your classpath need to be separated with a semi-colon on Windows. On unix-like platforms like Linux or OSX, the separator is a colon. Groovy is treating the second jar file as the script, and the script name as the first command line parameter.

Try this:

groovy -cp lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar;lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar src\Starter.groovy

Do you get a different error with that?

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I told them that when they asked this before stackoverflow.com/questions/13311992/… apparently, despite what they said, they didn't listen –  tim_yates Nov 16 '12 at 21:54
@ataylor even when separating with semicolons I still get the same EXACT ERROR. Tim Yates I do not know what your issue is. I do listen, be part of the solution rather than negative. –  Viriato Nov 17 '12 at 22:46
It worked!!! Apparently, when I put the semicolon I left a space like this: lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar; lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar instead of doing this lib\jtds-1.3.0.jar;lib\ojdbc6-11g.jar Thanks ataylor and thanks tim_yates as well –  Viriato Nov 19 '12 at 14:46

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