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I am able to both read and write cell values using Apache POI. When reading, I evaluate first so that I get the correct values. My use case requires that I read a sheet, replace a few values in the sheet, then read another portion of the sheet that contains cells that depend on the cells I just replaced.


A1 contains a formula: =B1+C1. B1 contains 2 and C1 contains 3. When I evaluate A1 I correctly get 5. Now, if I replace, with POI api, C1 with 10, I would expect that when I read A1 again I would see 12. I don't... A1 now evaluates to null.


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It seems like your question is answered in Apache POI documentation (under 'Recalculation of Formulas')

Basically it suggests something like:

Workbook wb = ...
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It looks like my issue was not that at all. When replacing the cells, I was using sheet.creatRow(r) versus sheet.getRow(r). – andyczerwonka Nov 16 '12 at 22:44

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