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I have my datas as a Map<Key,ArrayList<Value>> So i want my col1 to represent my key and the other columns to represent data in my values. And this Value can be or multiple rows. So i was thinking of putting a celltable inside a celltable but then it will affect my headers(since the number of columns for the outer celltable will be just 2) and also the sorting.

And also if i pass the map directly to ListDataProvider it assumes the number of rows is the number of rows of the map but it is not the case.

So what is the best way to do this ?

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I'd suggest using a class RowObject like this:

class RowObject {
    private final Key key;
    private final Value value;

    RowObject(Key key, Value value) {
        this.key = key;
        this.value = value;

    /* Getters omitted */

Then convert the map to a list of RowObjects and feed the list to the data provider:

List<RowObject> rowObjects = new ArrayList<RowObject>();

for (Entry<Key, ArrayList<Value>> entry : map.entrySet()) {
    for (Value value : entry.getValue()) {
        rowObjects.add(new RowObject(entry.getKey(), value));

ListDataProvider<RowObject> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<RowObject>();

Add columns like this:

Column column = new Column<RowObject, String>(new TextCell()) {

    public String getValue(RowObject object) {
        return getStringValueFor(object);

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