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I'm trying to minimize the load time with some scripts that I've created. I'm connecting to multiple JSON or XML APIs either through a developer's API resource or through RSS feeds and I'm trying to find a way to only insert new rows into the mysql databases.

I have used the INSERT IGNORE function, and it works great, but the problem is that it still loads all of the different rows and ignores inserting it if the UNIQUE key is a duplicate. What I'd like to do is to create a faster running script that will only attempt to insert a row if it is different.

I have thought about doing an in_array() function to query the unique key in the DB, but eventually, the array will get too big to handle (ie. 1,000,000 records) to see if it's in the array before inserting the unique ones.

Is there a better way to do this? I've done it easily in mysql by using the WHERE clause for records already in the Database, but extracting from an XML API is a little more difficult with this I'm finding taking into consideration how the DBs will grow enormously large.

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