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This photo http://www.example.com/there-used-to-be-a-photo-linked-here.jpg loads in chrome but not firefox or IE.

I am a Front End designer/dev answering a support issue for a client, we thought they were missing a style sheet in FF and IE but the image specific url doesn't even work.

Has anyone ever experienced this? What could be the problem / resolution?

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Please copy your code here so we can see it. –  amirali shahinpour Nov 16 '12 at 22:46

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The problem is somewhere on that server. If I run this:

wget -O /dev/null -S 'http://www.allsaintschurch.com/uploads/all_saints_catholic_school/image/sitebg3.jpg'

Then about 4 times out of 5 the server responds with an error page; 1 time out of 5 it responds with an image.

If I then have wget send the same UA string as chrome, I get the image response about 90% of the time instead of 20%. So not only is the server being flaky, it's doing that in a UA-string-specific way...

I'd probably start by looking into whatever UA sniffing logic might be in place on the server.

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