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I would like to generate vectorial shapes in various output formats: bmp, png, svg and XAML. So basically, this is a library (no user interface) which generate internally a vectorial shape in order to export it. The shape I want to export might contain a combination of rectangle, lines, text and circle.

But I don't know which way to choose in order to handle all those formats (bitmap and vectorial) easily.

So far, I have considered:

  • Building programmatically the shape with XAML. Example; create a Rectangle(), add it to a Canvas(). From there, it is very easy to generate the XAML and to render the images. But I'm not sure that it is fast.
  • Use System.Windows.Media methods to draw my shapes. But how to generate XAML (and svg)?
  • Use GDI+ methods (System.Drawing). Like the preceding point, I'm stuck when generating XAML.

Maybe there is another way to generate my vectorial shape and then export it?

Thank you

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You're probably looking for Path, but it's hard to tell because you've given no details about the shape you're generating. Does it consist solely of rectangles, or are there curves or arbitrary polygons? Is it a single shape filled with a single color, or could there be multiple shapes each with its own color? Give some examples. –  Joe White Nov 17 '12 at 4:25
Thanks for your comment Joe. I have edited my question to specify more in detail the shape I want to generate. It's more complex than just a circle or a rectangle, it can be a rectangle + a circle + a text + a line for instance. –  user1141178 Nov 17 '12 at 10:22

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