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I am trying to implement a python version of the java from http://searchhub.org/2010/04/18/refresh-getting-started-with-payloads/ using pylucene. My analyzer is producing an lucene.InvalidArgsError on the init call to the DelimitedTokenFilter

The class is below, and any help is greatly appreciated. The java version compiled with the JAR files from the pylucene 3.6 build works fine.

import lucene
class PayloadAnalyzer(lucene.PythonAnalyzer):
    encoder = None
    def __init__(self, encoder): 
        self.encoder = encoder

    def tokenStream(self, fieldName, reader):
        result = lucene.WhitespaceTokenizer( lucene.Version.LUCENE_CURRENT, reader )
        result = lucene.LowerCaseFilter( lucene.Version.LUCENE_CURRENT, result )
        result = lucene.DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter( result, '|', self.encoder )
        return result
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My initial problem with the arguments is solved if I use the default delimiter in place of '|': lucene.DelimitedTokenFilter.DEFAULT_DELIMITER. This doesn't seem to solve my problem though. everything compiles but the payload always comes back as 1.0 . –  M C Nov 17 '12 at 0:53

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