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I'm trying to run a whole bunch of LEDs via an Arduino Uno, a decoder, and some latches. Since the Arduino can only sink less than 200mA, I have to use an external power source than can handle in excess of 1A.

My problem is interfacing the Arduino outputs with the ICs (decoder and 8 latches). I need to use a Darlington NPN Transistor (I have a whole bunch of TIP-120s) to 'convert' the 5V, low amp output lines from the Arduino into the higher voltage, higher amperage of the external power source which will power the ICs and the LEDs.

Basically, how do I go from an output of the Arduino to the input of an IC via a TIP-120 transistor?

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You'll get a lot better feedback form – ZnArK Nov 18 '12 at 0:50